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Material slitting and rewinding, material die cutting, fiberglass molding, industrial sewing and lamination services
Slitting and Rewinding
Slitting and rewinding has become Hydra-Matic's most exciting and fastest growing department. Our slitting and rewinding department has numerous industrial state-of-the-art unwind slitting machines equipped with technology which allows us to convert material at high speeds and produce quality reworked material with tremendous accuracy. Material can be slit to custom specific widths and lengths onto a range of core diameters. All of our products can be slit to your required width. Material can be offered in standard roll length specializing in fiberglass and non-wovens. Hydra-Matic has crush cut and shear cut capabilities based on our customers desired specifications.
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Die Cutting
Hydra-Matic provides die cutting services for fiberglass and filtration products including thermal & electrical insulation, foam, and cloth products. We offer complete die cutting facilities on our premises including in-house milling, turning, routing, saw cutting, stamping, drilling, tapping and die cutting.
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Fiberglass Molding
Hydra-Matic will create molded fiberglass parts to your specifications. Specializing in compression molding, our precision molding facilities enable us to range from "short-run" prototypes to high volume production in a multitude of sizes, thicknesses and intricate shapes.
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Industrial Sewing
Our industrial sewing services are an excellent example of Hydra-Matic's broad range of services. Hydra-Matic began offering sewing services after our acquisition of Fabrics for Industry. We offer complete industrial contract sewing services to meet your specific needs.
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Industrial Lamination
Laminating services for foams, fiberglass mats or other substrates are one of our specialties. We laminate with pressure sensitive adhesives to make custom constructions for a variety of industrial fiberglass mat applications. Our expert Quality Assurance Team inspects each step of the fabricating and converting process, creating a reliable product of consistent quality.
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