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fiberglass fabrication services

Fiberglass Fabrication Services

Hydra-Matic provides a wide range of manufacturers with slitting, rewinding, die cutting, saw cutting, laminating, assembling and sewing fiberglass insulation products for specific applications. Industries served include industrial, stationary, automotive, standby battery, appliance and medical.

glidwall glass wall liner

Glidwall Glass Wall Liner

Glidwall is a non-woven textile material used to reinforce walls and ceilings or to reface existing drywall. It can be applied before applying wallpaper or paint. It will cover cracks, joints, and other surface problems as an alternative to extensive skim coating or spackling.

industrial filter bags

Industrial Filter Bags

Hydra-Matic fabricates filtration products produced to the customer’s specifications. Applications include the air and liquid filtration industries. Hydra-Matic is in partnership with Fabrics for Industry who specializes in filtration products. They are the leading manufacturer of filter bags for the air pollution control market as well as the supplier of cages, clamps, and other accessories for the filtration markets. Our filter bags and filter baghouse accessories are primarily used in industrial dust collecting systems.



Stran-Mat is the fluffy, soft, resilient material that provides a tight, compact, fast assembly of plates within the battery case while allowing for possible expansion of the plate surface. Stran-Mat is the choice of many companies manufacturing industrial batteries because of the exceptional advantages they obtain with this “battery engineered” material that was designed to provide production economies and longer battery life.

Here’s what Stran-Mat does:

  • Insulates the positive plate of industrial batteries without impeding electrolyte flow prevents the shedding of active material and helps break up gas bubble formation.
  • Provides one-piece application, which is faster than the old method of wrapping silver strands directly around the plate.
  • Requires less storage space and facilitates handling during production to speed assembly because it is offered in compressed package form.
  • Comes cut to length with cutting tolerance ± 1/16″ on length.

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